Should You Fight or Pay Your Traffic Ticket in Miami?


traffic-ticket-in-miamiDid You Receive a Traffic Ticket in Miami?

When you first receive a traffic ticket in Miami, the first question that enters your mind is whether you should fight it or pay it. Which decision you make depends on how often you get tickets and what the ticket is for. If you rarely get a traffic ticket in Miami, it’s best to pay the fine or go to traffic school for a day. However, if you feel that the citation was given on debatable grounds then you may have a case for arguing your traffic ticket in Miami municipal court.

Review the Law You Are Charged Under

It’s imperative that you develop a good strategy to fight your traffic ticket in Miami court. The first step to forming one is reviewing the law which you’re charged under. Many officers don’t know the exact wording of the law, which can at times be extremely complex and technical. It benefits you to read up on it because it’s common to find that what you are charged with isn’t actually the violation in its exact terminology.

When forming your defense, ask yourself the question: “What are the elements of the offense I am charged with committing?” Analyze the law by breaking it down into individual parts and conclude whether you did or didn’t commit the act.

If you can prove that your conduct didn’t violate one element of the traffic law, you may be found not guilty. Judges along with lawyers are taught in law school to follow this technical and convoluted jargon in order to determine an individual’s guilt or innocence.

Consider Other Possible Defenses

If you are unable to challenge the law in terms of its written stance, there are other defenses that may be able to help you fight your traffic ticket in Miami. You should ask yourself some other questions that may open up a defense:

1. Was the officer’s view of what occurred obstructed by other moving vehicles or stationary objects like trees, fences or buildings?

2. Did the officer stop the right car?

3. Were you charged with speeding when you were driving safely, despite the fact that you were driving over the speed limit?

4. Was there real and provable error in the officer’s approach or methodology?

5. Do any other legal defenses exist to the law you’re charged with violating?

Defense Don’ts

The defenses listed usually don’t work, unless you’re counting on the issuing officer to be absent on your court date. Other than that, a traffic ticket in Miami is probably not worth going to court for without proper representation.

1. You claim you were honestly mistaken about the law.

2. You argue that your violation didn’t harm anyone.

3. You complain, “The officer was picking on me.”

4. You tell a sympathetic story.

5. You claim, “The officer’s lying.”

We Can Fight Your Traffic Ticket in Miami

If you have received a traffic ticket in Miami for speeding or another moving violation, we urge you to contact Dieppa Law Firm P.A. Our attorneys have been representing the public for more than five years and have more than ten years of litigation experience. We are capable of representing and defending anyone charged with a traffic ticket in the state of Florida. Contact us today for a consultation!