How To Avoid A Traffic Ticket Citation


Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Quick Tips to Avoid a Traffic Ticket

We’ve all been there. For one reason or another you were cruising past the speed limit and all of a sudden those red and blue lights are flashing on your rearview mirror. You’re busted, but all is not lost.


1. Mind Your Manners

First and foremost, be polite to the officer. Lower your window all the way; if you have sunglasses, take them off and address him respectfully, no matter how upset you are that you got caught. Your nice attitude may even convince him to let you off with a warning, but otherwise this still yields benefits: Police officers stop dozens of people daily, so if you don’t stand out for being rude or argumentative, he will be less likely to remember you when you decide to set a court date.


2. Remain Neutral

Never admit guilt if you’re planning to contest a speeding ticket. When he asks if you know why he pulled you over, say no and let him do the talking. Answer questions neutrally and don’t elaborate, the less you say, the better. You do not want to give the officer any statement he could use against you in front of a judge.


3. Let Time Go By

If you have already done these, you are at a good place to appeal your ticket, and what you want to do is set the furthest court date possible. Why? Well, for one it buys you time to consult an attorney and do your research on all your options for acquittal. Hire an attorney, give him a lengthy deadline and you’ll be surprised with the things you can get away with. Furthermore, setting your appeal two or three months down the line increases the likelihood that the police officer will have a vague recollection of when he issued the ticket, so vague he might not even show up at all.


4. When All Else Fails…Call Your Traffic Attorney

While helpful, we cannot guarantee these tips work for the quirks and circumstances of every situation. If your problem is a bit more complicated or you are seeking more expert advice, Miami Traffic Attorneys at Dieppa Law would be glad to offer their services; so do not pay a traffic ticket without first scheduling a free consultation with our attorneys.

Surely after reading these tips you’ll be aware of what to do in case you get stopped while trying to make it to work on time.